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I’ve been thinking how to sum up some of the most memorable moments of the past few months (I’m talking about positive moments of course) And later I realized that the best way would, probably, to share some of my pictures instead of trying to explain this period by words. (In the future I might write captions for some of the pictures though :))

So, look at them and enjoy!


And I haven’t written anything since that post from Hungary! But well, I can of course solve this situation with my present post.

Those 13 days in Hungary were great. It’s weird, before that I didn’t really miss my home but now that I returned, and saw my “normal” environment, I started to plan right then about what I am going to do after I arrive back. And usually where my dreams are, I am there in my soul, too.

After Easter, we went to Balatonföldvár just like all the time (but if there is a place in the world I never get bored of, regardless of how many times I visit there, that’s Balatonföldvár). I incredibly loved those few days, even though I didn’t do anything else than sleeping, walking, biking, eating and gardening. And lying in the sun, a lot. About the gardening part, to be frank that was only on the last day, but I worked very hard – I re-planted two hibiscus bushes (one of them was taller than me), a redcurrant bush and a rose bush, I dug out a small tree that just grew wild and that we decided not to keep, and I planted some gladious bulbs and “Scottish wildflower seed mix”, the latter I bought in Scotland of course.

We had some fun experimenting with the Cassis de Dijon and the Calvados that I brought from France, we made Kir Royal (Cassis+champagne), “normal” Kir (Cassis+white wine), however once it turned to be too sweet, once too sour, we just couldn’t find the right proportions! Next time I got to buy a book of cocktail recipes as the other solution – having a skilled mixer in my family – just can’t work out…

Now I have been back to France for quite a while and I need to work on 3 presentations of which 2 are in French. I have already suffered a lot with them but the bigger part of the work is still to be done. Well, at least now I have got an idea so the work is going to be faster from now, I hope.

I am glad February is over (it was a clever guy who invented 28-day Februaries!) Together with the second half of November, it wins the award “szirmaik’s least favourite time of the year” every year, as it’s still cold outside, the gray sky doesn’t even let the sun shine through the clouds, it’s raining, there are no green leaves on the trees… So, I am cheering for March.

I have had one free week, as there was no school (ski break for some people, slack week for me :P). Most of the fellows travelled to other towns (or other countries)… but not me, I didn’t have money for that as my @>Đä]đ&#] scholarship is being delayed. But well, I’m going to have some weekends and a spring break later to do what I want 😉 I was, however, searching for a new room for myself, in which I succeeded :). The old one, in Savigny-sur-Orge, was WAY too far from the city, so the new one had to be in (or very near) Paris. Actually, it’s in a little suburb, Ivry-sur-Seine, just near Paris and metro. I really like the environment and the flat, even though my room has only a very little window and therefore, together with the glass door in the little “salon”, receives only a little bit of daylight 😦 But well, my room is very big, home-y and the apartment has access to a garden – what more can I ask for, especially when the spring is coming?

And the more the spring comes, the more time I am going to spend outside. I want to gaze at the sunsets and at the water of the Seine, I want to go picnicking somewhere, I want to spend hours walking around unknown places, just listening to music… Too be honest, I miss the summer a little bit, I miss my “real” home of my heart, the Lake Balaton, the sunsets, the smell of mud and freshly cut grass drying on the sun, the stars above me when I walk in the garden in the night… But well, everything has its own time and there are some months left until July that I can ENJOY, especially if I can do it in such a beautiful country as France 🙂

Some people who know me can certify that sometimes I like to look deeper than the surface – spotting every minor and sometimes weird thing on the streets. 😉



I thought before that such things can only be found in Budapest, but I was wrong! Also, look at the splendid background on the second picture!!!

Well… Who cares about all those famous buildings and monuments when there are plenty of more interesting things in Paris to photograph? 😀




Yes, I know I am weird.

Well. I decided to write here regularly. At least once in every two or three days… Even if it’s a total nonsense, but still, it will be fun to read it later.

The last weekend I didn’t do anything. Almost… I must tell that at the moment I am residing in a student residence in a southern suburb of Paris, but I am thinking of moving somewhere inside Paris from the beginning of March. My roommate Tanya is interested, too, but the question is difficult – renting a flat in Paris is VERY difficult and expensive so I have to do a lot of research on this subject. For example, last Saturday I went to see a small flat in the 19th district of Paris which I loved – but unfortunately the agency required such papers from me that I didn’t have and probably couldn’t even provide. Anyway, I don’t give up. I am still looking for lodging ads of private persons and sub-lets and also mailing people – maybe some day I will find the perfect one. I still have almost two weeks left from February.

Other. There was a conflict with my school earlier this year as according to our Erasmus contract, we were supposed to get 1500 € for the semester. But they, instead of transferring in euros, wanted to do that in forints, according to the exchange rate in the summer (!!!) because, as they said, they received the scholarship from Tempus foundation in euros that time, and they converted it to forints immeditely… Unfortunately the exchange rate of the forint dropped seriously since the summer, due to this economic crisis… so think about it, if we first convert the 1500 euros to forints in a, let’s say, 240 Ft/€ base and we know that consequently, now when we are travelling we would need to change our forints back to euros on a 300 Ft/€ rate… it’s like receiving only 1200 € instead of the original 1500. And they really wanted to do this… until we, students didn’t regress and warned them with lawsuit if they don’t pay the money in euros. Finally, they agreed to do that, so I won’t be exposed to the drop in the forint’s exchange rate, at least in the context of scholarship. Or maybe. Because now that they decided to transfer in forints, the had to collect everyone’s €-account numbers and start the procedure again from the beginning. So… I am keeping my fingers crossed that the money will arrive FAST – that means before the beginning of March.

So, this for today. I didn’t have the energy to re-read what I have written, but anyway. Have a nice evening 🙂


“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there” and “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”


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